4 week S&C Programme

Sign up to our online S&C services giving you access to a programme designed by Accredited practitioners who have worked in professional Sport for over a decade, leading services and managing programmes for general population to professional and international standard athletes.

This Programme is a Designed to take your strength levels to a new place in this 6 week programme. Ideal for athletes or general population alike who have a specific goal over a relatively short space of time or as an introduction to your first taste of online S&C services. Highlight to us your goals and targets and we will endeavour to help you on your road to achieving them with a programme that suits you.

Once you have purchased this item you will be prompted to download the Online S&C Coach information form. Please fill this in as accurately as you possibly can so we can tailor your programme to suit your needs.

Once completed send back to us via email at info@theathletedp.com If you do not do this we can not move forward and start designing your programme. As your programme is bespoke and aimed to fit you and your schedule we will aim to have it with you to begin within 72 hours. If you desperately need it quicker please make us aware.

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