Courses and CPD

Take a look at our Courses and CPD offerings designed and delivered by the highest quality applied practitioners and renowned academics.

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The ADP Off-Season Programme for Football

Get ready to hit 2023-24 in your best physical condition ever with this 6 week programme.

Observational Identification of Maturation Status – with Dr Sean Cumming

Check out this FREE CPD video by world renowned expert in the field Dr Sean Cumming.


Structuring the Micro-Cycle in Football

In this CPD Tom Noon delves into the fine detail of designing a micro-cycle for professional Players


An Introduction to Applied Youth S&C – with Prof Jon Oliver.

Prof Jon Oliver introduces the concept of Youth S&C and the Science that underpins youth programmes.


Bio-Banding: Training, Testing and Competition.

Gain extensive knowledge of bio-banding and the tools to implement it into your own practice.


Managing the week for Adolescent Football Players by David Johnson.

David Johnson looks at how to prepare and implement the Micro-Cycle for adolescent Football players.


The ADP Course in Acceleration and Deceleration: Biomechanics, Research and Training.

An in depth insight into acceleration and deceleration biomechanics, research and training methods.


Certificate in Growth & Maturation for Youth Athletes.

Take your knowledge of Youth Athlete Development to a new level with our BASES endorsed course.