This downloadable product will make testing and tracking your athletes growth and maturation as simple and easy as ever, allowing you to individualise training and development programmes.


The Athlete Development Project presents the Khamis and Roche Calculator. This will allow you to calculate predicted height, percentage of adult height, maturity status and maturity timing.  Maturation is an important consideration for all adolescence as it can affect both sport and exercise. This calculator will allow coaches, sports scientist, S&C coaches, physios, doctors and parents to have objective data on players maturity. Understanding maturity will allow an individualised approach to sport and exercise programmes. Meaning that key information on appropriate training for each individual to help improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. More about the uses of maturity data can be found here.

The Khamis and Roche method:

This method is widely used in sport and exercise to calculate maturity status and timing. It has been shown to have good concordance with skeletal age measures. This method takes an individuals age, height and weight, as well as, the heights of their biological parents to the individuals predict adult height. Their height is then represented as a percentage of their predicted adult height, which is an indication of maturity status and maturity timing when compared to normative values.

This downloadable product is an macro-enabled excel workbook designed in Microsoft Office 365. Therefore, please ensure you have the compatible software to the run the product on before purchasing, otherwise it may not work to it’s full capacity.

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