By Tom Noon – Head of Sport Science & Player Performance

In this CPD Tom Noon delves into the fine detail of designing a weekly micro-cycle for professional football players. Tom has a number of years experience designing and implementing such programmes to Footballers across various clubs, so is perfectly placed to discuss the topic.

The leading aim of the periodisation plan is to provide the suitable balance between overall training load and recovery to ultimately enhance athlete physical performance. Planning the weekly training structure is an essential process to help the team achieve success in all departments and has to be a collaborative effort from across the multidisciplinary team, enabling the head coach to implement his or her desired game model and the encompassing sub principles within that.

Tom Noon

For the purpose of this CPD I will demonstrate how, in my current role, we look to structure our training week and how the framework that we utilise allows a high degree of flexibility, to ensure we still stick to our framework and conditioning principles, yet we can overload or underload our desired physical, tactical and technical targets for the week.

Tom Noon

About Tom Noon MSc, ASCC – Head of Sport Science & Player Performance

Tom has a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science and an MSc in Sport & Exercise Physiology, both from Liverpool John Moores University. Tom is also an accredited S&C Coach through The UKSCA. Tom has applied experience at Port Vale FC, FC United of Manchester and Game Changer Performance. He is currently Head of Sport Science & Player Performance at Welsh Champions, The New Saints FC.

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