Welcome to your 2024-2025 Off Season Programme. This programme is designed for people who are serious about their Football and are looking to put in the work during the off season to make an impact when they return to Football for the 2024-2025 season, whatever the level. The programme has been designed by experienced Sport Scientists (BSc, MSc) and S&C coaches (ASCC) who have been working in professional Football and providing off season programmes for over a decade, so you can be sure of the quality waiting for you.

Example Schedule

This programme has a 6 week schedule of work that will tick all of the boxes including aerobic and anaerobic running work, sprint work, off feet conditioning and strength & conditioning sessions, both upper and lower body as well as looking at jumping, landing and plyometric work. We also have a nutrition section so you can keep on top of your body composition. You also have the autonomy to work the programme and its schedule to fit you as an individual, your current fitness, level, training history and circumstances such as time and facilities available to you etc. There are numerous ways to make the sessions either easier or more advanced along the way. Thus includes differing distances prescribed for running work and alternative exercises for your gym programmes based on competence. There is also a video library of S&C exercises so you can choose which suit you best and fit with your current levels of strength (example video below). You also have access to our full jump, land and plyometric video and an example of a sessions you could use tick all of the boxes in your programme.

Sign up now and utilise the off season time to prepare yourself the best way to can to impact the new season!

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